Praga 2018

No Future? The Antisystemic Struggles of Punk/Rock

Call for papers, panels and round tables European International Studies Association Prague, 12-15 September 2018

Dear all,

We would like to invite contributors to our section "No Future? The Antisystemic Struggles of Punk/Rock" for the 12th Pan-European Conference on International Relations (Prague,12-15 September, 2018). We seek individual papers, panels and roundtables on topics related to punk and rock (see abstract below).
The deadline for proposals is 1st February 2018. These can be sent through the EISA conference tool:


The main objective of this section is to contribute to the debate on the transnational punk/rock struggle and movement. We will be approaching the punk/rock scenario from an academic perspective, to understand its political, cultural and economic implications. Punks have been stigmatised, and considered marginal and dysfunctional. Even so, several scholars have valued punks contributions, which are widespread in different national contexts and have made possible spaces for political participation. Punks engage in an explicit struggle against the global power structure dynamics, such as, capitalism, racism and patriarchy, and there is an interest among punks in developing alternative ways of being and doing politics (DIY, fanzine, new media, etc.). The questions we would like to answer in this section are the following: How do scholars approach the research on punk and rock? How does the punk/rock movement depict the system and its future in the transnational arena? We encourage interdisciplinary presentations and historical contributions that can lead to a better understanding of the transnational punk scene and the future of the system. For the aforementioned reasons our section is titled: No future? The antisystemic struggles of punk/rock